100 MORE Days of Weight Loss Day-by-Day Journal

Day-by-Day Journal: For Recording Lesson Assignments and Insights

Award-winning author of Life is Hard, Food is Easy This journal is the perfect guide to use with Linda Spangle’s daily motivator book, 100 MORE Days of . With easy fill-in-the-blank pages, you can track your progress as well as record your ideas and insights. Each journal page provides space for completing the assignments at the end of a daily lesson, reinforcing the powerful learning and understanding that takes place with this book. This journal used along with the book 100 MORE Days of Weight Loss will help you:

  • Overcome lack of willpower forever
  • Get back a sense of hope and optimism
  • Refill an empty emotional bucket
  • Talk to the bear and be your own therapist.
  • Use ownership to guarantee long-term success

Get both the 100 MORE Days book and this journal and immediately start creating long-term success in managing your weight.

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