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12 QT 14 In 1 Multi-Use Copper Chef Wonder Cooker with roasting pan and lid

Lasagna Pan, Brownie Pan, Grill Pan & More – Includes a Deep Roasting Pan, Shallow Roasting Pan, 2 Deep Fry Baskets, Tempered Glass Pan Lid, Copper Crisper Tray / Rack, Wonder Cooker is most wanted square pan set from Copper Chef Cookware – a rectangular, 2-Pc. roaster that replaces 14 different pots and pans: a deep roaster, Dutch oven, stock pan, shallow roaster/broiler, dual roaster, casserole pan, deep fryer, 9×13 baking pan, slow cooker, steam

Stainless Steel Induction Plates – Induction Plates are built into both deep and shallow roasting pans. You get rapid, even heating for countless recipes large and small. Shallow roasting pan transforms into a lid on top of the deep roaster pan. You get extra large capacity, 12 qt. roasting, baking & more from an easy-to-use & easy-to-store restaurant-grade pan set.

Best Oven Roasting & Stovetop Cooking Experience – Both pans are coated with Ceramic non-stick coating – not even burnt food sticks to the surface and food lifts out effortlessly. No added butter or oil required. Roast a turkey, bake a casserole, BBQ grill steaks on the outdoor grill or indoor stovetop using the shallow roasting pan & more. Mesh rack allows heat to circulate around your food while fat and grease drain away. Clean-up is fast & easy because there’s no residue left behind.

Hard Anodized Pans – Heavy duty construction for maximum durability, ultimate strength, and even heating. Both pans heat up quickly from edge to edge, so your meals cook evenly to the perfect golden brown without hot spots. Pan is not pre-seasoned.┬áMulti-Use Grill pan, 9 X13 Baking Pan, 12 Qt Capacity

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