180cup Cup and Shot Glass In One Cup Seen On Shark Tank

180 CUP’s main goal is to maintain the customary purpose of the world renowned “Red Party Cup” while including an additional use. The basic is so popular amongst the public due to its easy storage, disposable, large capacity and its affordable price.

180 Shot Glass Cup

In addition to being the party cup of the future, upholds all of those attributes while maximizing the usage of the cup. is a fundamental drinking cup when it’s right – side up and when flipped 180 degrees it acts as a shot glass! This is essentially two cups in one, eliminating the expense for both shot glasses and drinking cups.

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Seen on in Season 5

Special Offer 180 Cup

The built tough, easy grip, stackable, disposable and recyclable, duel use party cup is here!
16oz cup (473ml) + 1.5oz shot (44ml)
Dual Use & Disposable
Built Tough / Easy Grip
Use Shot Side as a Condiment Container
Stackable / Easy Storage

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