AbXcore for Abs Workout – Ab Machine Exercise Equipment


Obtain toned ab muscles in as little as 7 mins a day! ABXCORE helps you shed tummy fat, develop a strong lean stomach and also drop weight. Your Abdominal devices include a complimentary benefit – Your own individual ab toner app for iPhone as well as Android. To get you on your way to the abs of steel! No need for old school ab wheel, ab roller wheel, core sliders, abdominal board, abdominal muscle cruncher & huge bulky abs workout devices.

abxcore abs machine

ABXCORE functions several exercise positions designed to isolate the following muscle groups: the rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis, interior and also external obliques along the reduced back. Due to a specialized locking device, each side can be worked independently, adjusting core stamina in all muscle groups. Getting started is extremely easy!

Abxcore Fitness Abs Trainer!