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Aluminum Durable Wallet Credit Card Protection

The Aluminum Wallet is compact and nearly indestructible, comfortably fitting in your pants pocket, travel bag or purse!


Take it with you anywhere! The Aluminum is the best way to replace the current bulky and disorganized that you currently use.

The most durable , Card Guard, and Card Guard , that fits in your pocket or purse. The wallet for an active man, the indestructible , waterproof and indestructible wallet.

Would you let a stranger off the street read your number, or your driver’s license information? Of course not! Be aware that could be exactly what is happening behind your back. Thieves are utilizing electronic pick pocketing to steal your data as they pass by you. Get protected from this by making sure your wallet where you store your valuable credit cards, driver’s license and other valuable items is a RFID aluminum blocking wallet.

Fashion Meets Function With This Trendy Aluminum Wallet! A lot of us have an over stuffed wallet that can be hard to fit in your pants pocket or even your handbag. Money Clips just can not hold on to money and credit cards well enough. The Aluminum Wallet is slim, water resistant, super light and indestructible. The wallet has been designed for both women and men.

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