Arctic Air AC Cooler Portable Mini Air Conditioner

Arctic Air – Quick & Easy Way To Cool Any Space! Enjoy Cool, Clean Air…Anywhere!

Arctic Air is the personal space air cooler that cools, humidifies and purifies the air for maximum comfort. The adjustable digital temperature display is bright and simple to read and has a 350-watt energy-smart cooling power. Arctic Air is ultra-quiet, freon free & Eco-Friendly, and has an easy-fill 750ml water tank with a 2-speed fan and adjustable air vents.

Arctic Air

So you want to stay cool when you’re feeling hot but running your air all day can be pricey! There has to be a better way to cool down! Arctic Air is a personal space cooler that turns hot spaces into cool refreshing places for just pennies a day! Whether you want to cool off in a hot kitchen or stay nice and comfy watching TV Arctic Air lets you create your own personal comfort zone. You simply just add water and press the button. Then relax and enjoy the cooling breeze. It is self-contained and lightweight.

What are the best features of Arctic Air?

  • The Personal Space Air Cooler!
  • Cools, Humidifies and Purifies Air for Maximum Comfort
  • 350 Watt Energy-Smart Cooling Power
  • Ultra-Quiet
  • Compact &
  • Plugs in Any Standard Outlet
  • Freon Free & Eco-Friendly

Now you can have cool clean air anywhere! The secret is hydro chill technology that uses an evaporative air cooling filter that pulls in hot air and instantly transforms it into cool refreshing air with three adjustable speed settings. You have precise control and the whisper-quiet fan circulates the air up to eight hours on just one filling!  There’s even a soothing nightlight. What a great way to cool off your bedroom without air conditioning your entire home. It also purifies and humidifies your air so it’s better for you and your family. Plus you can even beat the heat outdoors and enjoy a cool refreshing breeze even on the hottest day.

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