Arctic Air Freedom Neck Cooler | Personal Neck Fan

As Seen On TV Arctic Air Freedom – The Wearable Personal Air Cooler!

A powerful, personal air neck cooler that allows for hands-free cooling just about anywhere! Rechargeable, compact and lightweight so it is great for indoors and out! Experience cool, crisp, and refreshing air, instantly with Arctic Air Freedom.

Arctic Air Neck Cooler

The Secret is Arctic Air Pure Chill uses powerful Hydro-Chill Technology and an evaporative air-cooling filter to turn unbearable hot air into cool refreshing air, instantly! It’s fast, easy, and the most efficient cooling technology available for cooling down both indoor and outdoor spaces!

Arctic Air Pure Chill, the personal space neck cooler that helps keep you cool! Simply fill the water tank on the top of the unit and turn it on.

It has a quiet, three-speed fan, adjustable air vents, easy top-fill water reservoir, and 6 color light options. Plus, its sleek compact design fits nicely on your desk, nightstand, or kitchen – wherever you need it! It’s even convenient for travel! Now you can enjoy cool air whenever you need it.

Double Offer: $29.99 plus $14.99 for the 2nd unit