Arctic Hat – Amazing Evaporative Cooling Hat With UV Protection!

Arctic Hat – Keeps You Cool, Comfortable & Protected All Day Long!

 is the new hat that combines controlled evaporation cooling and from the sun’s visible and invisible rays.  has a built-in radiant barrier to deflect and block 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays and reflects 80% of the sun’s heat. Stay cool, comfortable, & protected with !

Atmospheric thermodynamics
  • Keeps You Cool & Comfortable Through the Day!
  • Evaporative Cooling Inner Liner Works Using Just – Keeps Your Head 20° F Cooler
  • Wet Liner with Cold Water to Charge & Wring Out Excess 
  • Provides 99% Protection from the Sun’s Harmful UV Rays—Great All Year Round!
  • Reflects Up to 80% of the Sun’s Heat
  • Made from Durable, Breathable & Lightweight Performance Fabric
  • Unisex – Adjustable – One Size Fits All

Introducing the Amazing Arctic Hat

Arctic Hat™ is the new hat that combines controlled evaporative cooling and UV protection from the sun’s visible and invisible rays. Arctic Hat’s™evaporative cooling inner liner retains cool water and slowly evaporates to keep your head up 20°F cooler. Simply wet the inner lining and put on the hat! Get instant relief from the heat and stay cool for hours.

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