Are Infomercial Products really worth the costs?

Are Infomercial Products really worth the costs?

If you’ve ever watched late night television you probably have seen an infomercial. Do you want to know if any of the products are worth the hype?

When you are having trouble sleeping, do you reach for the TV remote? If so, infomercials are there to keep you company, but they’re probably not the best thing to watch to help you fall asleep. Infomercials are made to be exciting and catchy. They dramatize a problem you didn’t know you had, make you think you need their solution, and leave you wondering, “Why didn’t I think of that?” and “Where can I get one?” But are they really worth the cost? The short answer most of the time is “no.”

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#10. The Thighmaster sold $100 million in total sales.

#9. Sweatin to the Oldies with Richard Simmons brought in approximately $200 Million.

#8. The Snuggie has approximately $400 million in total sales. (How many of us laughed at the idea of a blanket with sleeves?)

#7. Ped-Egg– Total Sales: Approximately $450 Million

#6. Showtime Rotisserie: Total Sales: $1.2 Billion

#5. Bowflex continues to bring in money with annual revenue of $193.9 million.

#4. George Foreman Grill brings in $202 million per year.

#3. Total Gym– Total Sales: $1 billion

#2. P90X– Annual Revenue: $400 million

And #1 is Proactiv with yearly revenue of $1 billion.



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