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As Seen On TV Owl Alert Statue

Owl Alert – The All-Natural Way To Keep Pests Away!

Owl Alert is a fantastic way to target unwanted creatures today! Owl Alert has a realistic design that mimics the look of a real owl. This device works with sight, sound, and light. With its ultrasonic blast and motion sensor red glowing eyes, Owl Alert guards the whole yard! No more pesticides or complicated traps. Owl Alert is the perfect way to watch over any backyard year-round!

OWL STATUE: its realistic design mimics the look of a real owl

Does Owl Alert work on birds?

PESTICIDE-FREE: target outdoor pests like birds, raccoons, deer, rabbits, squirrels, and mice

LIGHT AND ULTRASONIC SOUND: red glowing eyes and ultrasonic sound bother pests

What is Owl Alert?

  • Realistic Design Mimics The Look Of A Real Owl
  • Uses Sight, Sound, & Light To Target Animals
  • Motion-activated and menacing red glowing eyes target nocturnal creatures!
  • 40-Foot Range & 120° Coverage

ALL-WEATHER CONSTRUCTION: perfect for year-round use

MOTION-ACTIVATED: light and sound activate when an animal gets in range.

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