As Seen On TV Woof Washer 360 Wash and Rinse Your Dog

easily adjusts to wrap around any size dog and provide a full cleaning!

As Seen On TV 360 – Wash and Rinse Your Dog in Less Than a Minute

Woof Washer 360 washes and rinses your dog in less than a minute using gentle adjustable pressure that won’t scare them. The adjustable arc fits any sized dog, and features 2 modes – one for suds and one for rinsing. Woof Washer 360 works with any shampoo, and works to clean your dog 360 degrees.

Quick and easy to use
Cleans your dog 360 degrees
Adjustable arc fits any size dog
Gentle, adjustable pressure won’t scare your dog like harsh spraying
Two modes — one for suds and one to rinse
Water and soap mix instantly for a deep clean head to tail
Works with any shampoo
Lightweight and collapsible for easy use and storage