Atomic Beam Cop Cam Mini Security Camera – Wireless Security Camera

As Seen On TV Cop Cam – The Wireless Security Camera

Document and store much more video clip footage with the deluxe upgraded memory card that has 32GB of storage.

cop cam

As Seen On TV Cop Cam – The Wireless Security Camera Small Enough to Hide Anywhere to Record Anything Whenever Motion is Detected!

Cop Cam is the wireless HD recording camera smaller than one square inch! Hide Cop Cam virtually anywhere and shoot in incredible high-def with a powerful microphone to record perfect audio. The high tech motion sensor loop records. Upload footage to your computer to share in seconds. Use Cop Cam can be used as a body cam and dashcam or for bad neighbors and packaging thieves. High anywhere and record anything with the Cop Cam!

CAMERA: a hard-wired protection video camera system is expensive; Cop Cam is a rechargeable cordless safety and security video camera that measures much less than a 1-square inch!

HIGH DEFINITION: mini cam records completely HD video clip as well as is geared up with a powerful microphone to tape-record excellent audio; documents 27/7 day or night.

MOTION ACTIVATED CAMERA: other protection cameras show you hours of ineffective video, however, Cop Cam is motion-activated so it just tape-records when there’s movement.

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