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Atomic Beam Lizard Cam Hand-Held Wireless Borescope by BulbHead

Lizard Cam

HAND-HELD MONITOR: comfortably displays what the video camera sees on a 2.4-inch display. Say goodbye to the distressing concerning dropping your smart device inspection camera in the toilet!

lizard cam from atomic beam

GENEROUS 4-FOOT CABLE: unlike an endoscope evaluation electronic camera, Lizard Cam’s charitable 4-foot long serpentine wire bends and flexes to go where you need it.

BRIGHT LED LIGHT: discover shed things, pipeline blockages, and animal nests in the darkest gaps and corners thanks to Lizard Cam’s intense LED light fixed at the idea of the camera.

WATERPROOF CABLE: Lizard Cam’s water-resistant wire implies that you can explore obstructions in drains, pipes, commodes, and sewage-disposal tanks without fretting about the camera shorting out.

INCLUDED: includes 1 Atomic Beam Lizard Cam(portable sight display, three ideas, and 4-foot lengthy cable television with electronic camera).

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