Atomic Beam Night Hero Binoculars for Day or Night

Night Hero are equipped with an unique of light laser that reveals things in total darkness as much as 150-yards away!

DAYTIME BINOCULARS: Use throughout the day for improved clarity and also contrast with 10x magnifying -a must-have for sporting occasions, sightseeing, hunting, as well as hiking!

Night Hero are the perfect binoculars for day and night! The wide-angle atomic beam laser, reveal objects up to 150 yard away in darkness! Water-resistant binoculars have superb contrast & clarity so you can see for miles Enjoy up to 10x magnification for sporting events, hunting, sightseeing and more with the Night Hero binoculars!

NEVER MISS A THING: unlike evening vision safety glasses, Night Hero Binoculars have rubber eye mugs that provide you the most comfy fit. With a full range of focal adjustments, you’ll never miss a thing!COMFORTABLE: take Night Hero Binoculars anywhere-their lightweight design and also rubber eye cups make seeing easy.