Atomic Lighter As Seen On TV Electronic Flameless Lighter

Atomic Lighter – The Fuel-Free, Rechargeable That Works All the Time, Anytime As Seen On TV! That’s right it will even work in the rain!

USB Rechargeable Battery
Get Over 100 Lights on a Single Charge
Safe to Use – No Flame!

To Give You the Perfect Light Every Time it Uses a Plasma Arc Tactical Technology

Atomic Lighter uses a type of electro plasma arc technology is fire safe because it enables a light without making a flame, making it safer than an ordinary butane lighter. The tactical lighter is completely rechargeable.

Won’t Blow Out in the Wind
Works Anywhere and Anytime

The tactical lighter is completely rechargeable and works to create a fire without harsh or dangerous chemicals. 

Atomic Lighter is windproof, rainproof, and eco-friendly and is great for candles, fireworks, cigarettes,  candles, slim cigars, grill, and much more.