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AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Accelerator Light, 5x More Powerful

Blue LED Light, Whiten Teeth Faster

Whitening light must be used with teeth whitening gel or strips (both sold separately) and shined onto teeth to enhance and speed up teeth whitening results

Teeth whitening accelerator light enhances the whitening gel process to break down stains on the tooth surface and whiten faster. It contains 5 powerful LED bulbs for brighter whitening, compared to low-quality competitor lights with a single bulb.

Includes a built-in timer that shuts off and beeps in 10-minute intervals for your convenience. Effortlessly keep track of time during whitening sessions without looking at a clock.

Includes batteries with up to 48+ hours of continuous use. Light is 100% safe for at-home whitening and causes no negative side effects or tooth sensitivity.

For best results, use with the AuraGlow mouth tray and gel (sold separately)

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