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Barbara Corcoran Has A Framed Photo Of Every ‘Shark Tank’ Entrepreneur She Works With

The “Shark Tank” investor has a wall of portraits in her office, with only the faces of her star investments right-side up. This helps her to put her time into the good ones.

“Shark Tank” investor Barbara Corcoran has a wall in her office that is filled with almost 30 picture frames, most of them turned backwards.

The photos facing her are portraits of her favorite entrepreneurs that she’s invested in, their smiling faces constant reminders that they’re deserving of her time and energy. The other ones… well, she’s not so excited about them.

“[T]he minute I realize they’re not a great entrepreneur, I flip the frame over,” Corcoran tells Business Insider. “I keep the frame on the wall, but this way every time I look up, it’s my symbol: Don’t spend any time on this. I put all my focus on my good ones.

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