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BareEase Safe Pain Free Numbing Cream for Bikini Waxing Kit

Numbing Cream Waxing – Interested in a safe and effective numbing cream for waxing? BareEase & Cream now has the solution for all your sensitive areas. Call us for more information today!

Being a goddess, you’ve most likely had a bikini wax before. And you’ve no doubt told yourself you’ll never return to the salon if it means enduring all that pain! Let’s face it – we women suffer for vanity (high heels, Botox and push up bras, to name just a few examples), and the bikini wax can be among the most painful. Good news, goddesses. With BareEASE, you can now substitute your waxing nightmares for a pain-free waxing delight! You’ll experience the newest and most innovative way of numbing the skin BEFORE removing the hair “down there.” You’ll be smiling before, during and after your waxing!

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