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Battle for the White House Chess Set 2020

Battle For The White House 2020 – Limited Edition Collector’s Chess Set

The collector’s edition chess set commemorates the historic 2020 election. This commemorative chess set spares no detail. Each piece was painstakingly designed for likability and accuracy to enhance your chess-playing experience. Proudly display on a table in your study or office, or give a coveted gift to someone special.

Battle for the White House

The 2020 Presidential political election will undoubtedly be just one of the most interesting in U.S. history. Memorialize historical celebration, this collector’s version 2020 Battle for the White House Chess Set. Democrats stand face-to-face with Republicans with all three government equally represented branches, fastidiously crafted in exquisite detail by American artists.

Collector’s Edition, 2020 Battle For The White House Chess Set, is Ready for Public Release! Each of the 32 Pieces Is Painstakingly Designed For Impeccable Detail. Supply is Limited. The chess set is a keepsake you’ll cherish for generations and proudly display at home.

White House Chess Set

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