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BeActive Plus – Sciatic Brace Acupressure System for Instant Relief

The new and enhanced BeActive Plus is an acupoint pressure pad that offers mild targeted compression, shutting off the sciatic nerve pain signals for instant relief! These advanced medical devices can be worn discretely under clothes. BeActive Plus is the drug-free way to live, function, and be sciatic pain-free.

Beactive Plus
The secret is the acupoint pressure pad that uses gentle targeted compression to the trigger point, so the pain is shut off. Use BeActive Plus to the acupressure point on the calf just below your knee.

Step 1
Slide BeActive Plus as much as just below the knee on either the left or right leg.
The BeActive Plus is firmly wrapped around a person’s knee ACUPRESSURE POINT.

Step 2
Straighten the pressure pad at the outer side of the calf, with the “R” for “Right”, or the “L” for “Left” leg facing the front.
The older individual using pressure to the BeActive Plus for even more convenience around the knee

Step 3
Tighten to use firm pressure on the calf

Beactive Plus New and Improved
The Acupoint pressure pad applies mild targeted compression
Turns off sciatic nerve pain signals for instant relief
FDA Cleared as a breakthrough medical gadget, 510K Approved
It can be put on discretely under clothes
The drug-free way to make sciatic nerve pain disappear

BeActive Plus is a drug-free method to make sciatic nerve pain vanish. The FDA Cleared BeActive Plus works so well as a development medical tool.

Take a look at the Deluxe variation!
Made with a more breathable, resilient mesh fabric enabling much better air movement, which implies extra air conditioning convenience and resilience.

Special Nuwave Infinity Blender

BeActive Plus – Ingenious Acupressure System For Instant Relief From Sciatic Nerve Pain!

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