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Bell + Howell TACVISOR for Day and Night, Anti-Glare Car Visor, UV-Filtering/Protection As Seen On TV (Set of 2)

bell & howell tac visor

Light-filtering modern technology to block excess glow and hazardous UV rays. Drive securely on an intense, warm day, or over snowy surface which readily reflects back light.Easy clip-on add-on. Say farewell to troublesome products that are difficult to install!Heat-immune materials remove heat-induced staining and warping over long term use, ensuring that the TacVisor continues to be an integral part of your vehicle for a lengthy time.TacVisor is shatter-proof to enhance total lorry safety.Size: 11.75 inches long and also 5.25 inches high.

As Seen On TV Tac Visor – Military-Inspired Visor Blocks Glare Without Blocking Your View

tac visor from bell & howell
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  • Features amazing light-filtering technology
  • Blocks without blocking your view
  • Enhances colors for eagle-sharp
  • Installs in seconds in any car
  • Inspired by the face shields worn by fighter pilots

Tac Visor is the car visor that blocks glare without blocking your view! The Tac Visor features amazing light-filtering technology that enhances color to give you sharp vision. Install Tac Visor within seconds! With the Tac Visor you won’t have to struggle to see through your windshield any longer. Stay safe and see what you need to on the road with the Tac Visor!

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