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Better Strainer A Flexible and Compact Kitchen Food Strainer

The Better Strainer should fit all your pans, pots, skillets and bowls. The Better Strainer is perfect for straining pasta, draining fruits & vegetables and draining fats from your foods.

Better Strainer the expandable strainer fits any type of dimension pot, pan, frying pan or bowl. The Better Strainer as seen on TV is easier to use just matched, breeze and drain! The secret is the “flex fit” style that grabs on and afterward secures tight to ensure a safe and secure fit every time. Better Strainer makes draining grease, cooking oils and water easy. No more bulky colanders. Perfect for straining noodles, oil from meats and juices from fruits and veggies. The non-stick surface area won’t tear delicate food like ravioli. Compact for simple storage.

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