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Beverage Boy Personal Floating Foam Can Koozie Cooler | Shark Tank BevBoy

BevBoy Floating Foam Can Koozie

The BevBoy is a revolutionary new product that has created its own category in the water recreation market. The BevBoy is a personal floating cooler, which allows your beverage of choice to float in a body of water without spilling.

The BevBoy is a two-component product consisting of:

A traditional foam can cooler that will keep your beverage of choice nice and cold. A weighted polypropylene arm extension that balances the weight of the beverage, keeping your drink upright. Simply place your beverage of choice (they recommend using 12oz cans or 12oz/16oz plastic cups) inside the can cooler and gently place the BevBoy in the water. Your drink will float and won’t spill.

Bev Boy in Pool

The BevBoy is named after the American River Otter Superhero, BeverageBoy, whose superpower is to make beverages float. BeverageBoy’s mission is to save beverages from spilling worldwide by convincing people to “Float with me!


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