Red Dress Boutique, Bantam Bagels, Ry’s Ruffery, ‘Beyond the Tank’ revisited

In preparation for the season 2 premiere of “Beyond the Tank” on January 5, we’re here to revisit some products from the first season! The six below are all featured…

Bantam Bagels – Not much has changed since we were last on the website, but not that it really needs to. They’ve still got delicious-looking stuffed bagel-balls that you can have delivered right to your door. They’ve managed to make it into Starbucks in several different states, and that is a complete home run no matter how you slice it.

Ry’s Ruffery – Formerly known as Ryan’s Barkery, the dog-treat company has been promoting their grain-free status hard, and is in many Petsmart locations and also on the company’s website.