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Bowflex HVT Cardio and Strength Training – Hybrid Velocity Trainer

Bowflex HVT 2 Workouts in 1!

Cardio can burn calories, and stamina can shape your body. The Bowflex  HVT  machine does it all. It integrates cardio and strength right into a rapid and helpful exercise. By providing two workouts in 1, the Bowflex HVT equipment can aid you in developing muscle mass. And as well as shed fat simultaneously to attain the fit, lean, toned body, you’ve always wanted.

Provides whole-body fitness with Hybrid Velocity Training or HVT!

Total Body Workout In 18 Minutes!

Three pre-programmed workouts (sprint, circuit, and builder) direct you through an exercise in as little as 18 minutes for maximum results. Optimize muscle activation and supply a time-saving, high-intensity workout in about 18 minutes!

2 Great Machines!

Manual mode allows you to build your workout from 50 unique exercises.

Syncs with the free HVT app and workout videos (Apple iOS and android)

Integrated Coaching & Inspiration The FREE HVT App features individual coaching that guides you with your exercise WHILE you’re doing it. Select from 3 pre-programmed workouts made to trigger your every move! Build your Manual Mode regimen and check out 50 trainer-led video clips formed for every health and fitness degree. With innovation similar to this, you’ll be a Hybrid Velocity Pro from the moment you step on the platform.

The machine combines entire cardio sets and strength workouts into one compact design that fits into most rooms. Bowflex HVT machine integrates both – cardio and strength right into one of the fastest, most efficient exercises ever made. In as little as 18 mins. Hybrid Velocity Training can provide a full-body circuit that helps you melt fat and construct muscle.

The HVT Machine Bowflex integrates short bursts of cardio full-body movements.



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