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BulbHead As Seen On TV Atomic Beam Cop Cam


Cop Cam is a rechargeable wireless security camera that measures less than 1-square inch! The mini camera records in full HD video and is equipped with a powerful microphone to record perfect audio.

HOME SECURITY CAMERA: a hard-wired security camera system is expensive; Cop Cam is a rechargeable wireless safety and security electronic camera that gauges much less than a 1-square inch!

HIGH DEFINITION: mini camera documents in full HD video and furnished with an effective microphone to record excellent sound; documents 27/7 day or night.

MOTION ACTIVATED CAMERA: other security cams reveal you hrs of worthless video footage, yet Cop Cam is motion-activated, so it only records when there’s movement.

MORE THAN SECURITY: attach the included swivel clip to turn Cop Cam into an HD dash webcam, or mini action

The Wireless, Motion-Activated Security Camera Is So Compact, It Hides Anywhere!

  • Wireless Camera Measures Less Than One Square Inch – Hides Virtually Anywhere!
  • Shoots Incredible HD Video, While Its Powerful Microphone Records Perfect Audio!
  • Camera Starts Loop-Recording When High-Tech Motion Sensor Detects Movement
  • Upload To Your Computer To Retrieve & Share Video Footage Easily
  • One-Touch Recording Camera Captures An Area Of Up To 140°!
  • Six Infrared Night Vision LEDs Record Threats At Night!

Cop Cam is a wireless HD recording camera smaller than one square inch! Hide Cop Cam virtually anywhere and shoot in incredible high-def with a powerful microphone to record perfect audio. The high-tech motion sensor loop records. Upload footage to your computer to share in seconds. Cop Cam can be used as a body cam and dashcam or for bad neighbors and packaging thieves. High anywhere and record anything with the Cop Cam!

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