As Seen On TV Products, Does It Work?

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Chances are you’ve seen the Flex Seal infomercial on television. replaces the bottom of the boat with a screen sprayed with , then it floats on water without a leak. Eyewitness News enlisted the help of Greg Paxton, owner of Mr. Handyman in Charleston, to help put the 14 ounce can to the test.

Special Offer Flex Seal

Flex Seal brands itself as the one can solution to all your leaky problems. The rubberized coating spray claims to seal, protect and stop leaks fast. We used eight items featured in the popular infomercial or listed on the can for our experiment –from a sink drainer to an awning for a roof. Mr. Handyman started by drilling several holes into the object, sprayed the Flex Seal in layers, and left the objects to dry overnight.


Flex Seal

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