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California Charcoal Mask Blackhead Face Peel Remover

As Seen On TV California Charcoal Mask

Remove Blackheads, Exfoliate, & Cleanse Pores
It even removes the smallest of hairs and peach fuzz to give you a brighter complexion!

Make The Ugly Stuff Gone With Activated Charcoal

California Charcoal Mask removes the most stubborn blackheads and absorbs excess oil from the skin. Simply apply the peel to the desired area, peel off, and watch as there are no more blackheads, micro hairs, or peach fuzz.

The New Face Mask that Everyone is Talking About! No More Pricey Facials, Face Washes, or Painful Squeezing!

California Charcoal Mask cleanses pores, and exfoliates and softens skin with results you can see and a brighter complexion. The incredible easy face peel! Why go to the beauty salon or dermatologists? Remove blackheads at home;

Removes blackheads with California Charcoal Mask. It helps to exfoliate and clean your pores. It can also absorb excess oil.  Let the face peel remove micro hairs and peach fuzz to give you a brighter complexion.

Face Peel Mask for Blackheads

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