Why You Won’t See Mariah Carey in Jenny Craig Ads Anymore

Jenny Craig adopts simpler message as it competes with do-it-yourself apps. No more Valerie Bertinelli, Mariah Carey or Jason Alexander, who have all appeared in Jenny ads in recent years. Rather, the Nestle-owned marketer is taking a simpler approach with animated ads that plug its portion-controlled food and one-on-one support.

Best Celebs In Ads, Music Videos

TIFF’s bi-monthly Packaged Goods series, Lionel Richie, George Clooney, Paul McCartney Featured In Ads, Music Videos — surveying some of the most innovative music videos, short films and TV spots from around the world — is back to delve into the starstruck (and often hilarious) world of celebrity endorsements and music video cameos.

Top Lists Commercial big break – Ten cringeworthy celebrity adverts

THE new Ikea advert has caused a stir for being a little on the creepy side. Last week we brought you some of the other weird and wonderful commercials from all over the world. But talking clowns and creepy dolls aren’t the only things that crop up in the adverts, celebrities do to.

Shameless Plug Or Genuine Product Interest? Celebrity Ads On Social Media Are Getting A Closer Look

FTC guidelines say celebrities should announce when they’re endorsing something on social media but it’s not always clear when they are. With one billion registered users on Facebook and 517 million people signed on to Twitter, it’s no wonder why social networks have become breeding grounds for advertising. Once you add celebrities into the mix, …

Ford’s tasteless celebrity ad goes viral, triggers apologies

In a public relations slip-up as big as they get, the advertising agency for Ford accidentally published a tasteless ad. The ads feature cartoon-type images of tied-up women celebrities — such as Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashians, tossed into the back of a Ford Figo.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Announces Exclusive Cayman Islands for JNL Fusion Class

JNL Fusion is named one of the worlds top fitness trends and is predicted to be in demand in the New Year and beyond. JNL Fusion is a superior training method due to its focus on functional fitness, improving your ability to do activities that many encounter in everyday life, leveraging strength training to boost …

Before they were famous: 8 brilliant celebrity commercial ads

You can’t expect your first gig in show business to earn you an Oscar nomination. But, where do you start? For most actors it’s in the world of television commercials. Quick to shoot, easy to get, and occassionally cringeworthy to watch, television commercials. Here are 8 stars who began their careers in hilarious 80′s and …