Clean Zone Masks Protective Face Masks Filter Out Bacteria

Clean Zone Masks – Lightweight Masks Protect Against Dust, Bacteria, Pollen, and Fluids

Clean Zone Masks are lightweight and made with high efficiency, triple-layered filtration fabric to filter out dust, bacteria, and pollen and protect against fluids.

Clean Zone Face Mask

They come with a moldable nose piece for a secure fit. The full face size covers the chin for ultimate protection. Flexible earloops provide a universal fit for easy breathing. Plus, you can wear your glasses fog-free and comfortably. There’s nothing else like it! Clean Zone™ Masks make daily protection easy for you!


Clean Zone Masks Place the mask over the nose and mouth and place an earloop around each ear. Pull the bottom of the mask under the chin and mold the nose piece around the nose. The mask should cover the face from the nose to underneath the chin. The CDC recommends you throw your mask away by the ear loops.

A percentage of Clean Zone Masks sold will be donated to the Have a Heart NAC Foundation. The charity will provide masks to healthcare workers and caregivers.

special clean zone masks

Set of 10 Masks $29.99 + FREE Shipping