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Collapsible Straw, Folding Drinking Straw Stainless Steel

✪ THE STRAW is a collapsible straw that can be bent while drinking through it at the same time. It works the same as plastic straw does but can totally replace the plastic one. You can even fold it into a small size and put it into its durable plastic case and it goes with your keyring.

✪ THE STRAW is simple to store. You can just fold it into the durable case we offer and put it in your pocket or pouch, or hang it on your key chain wherever you go. Super convenient and portable to carry for outdoor picnics, family parties, business trips, or offices.

✪ THE STRAW is eco-friendly, reusable, made of premium quality stainless steel, and food-grade silicone with no smell, BPA free. It can be kept and used for a very long time. From now on, you don’t have to use any plastic straw. Say no to plastic pollution and together we can save our planet, our habitat, and our home.

✪ THE STRAW is washable and easy to clean: You can easily wash this collapsible straw with water and clean it with the squeegee in just seconds when it gets dirty. It will not get rusty at all with water as the exterior tube is made of stainless steel.

✪ Final Collapsible Reusable Keychain Stainless Straw, Medical-Grade Food-Grade Drinking Straws Portable with Hard Case & Cleaning Brush!

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