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Compass Digital Vaporizer New Cannastick SmartVap Pen

Compass Digital Vape Pen

Cannastick’s latest portable vaporizer to date. This is the smallest portable vaporizer on the planet with a digital OLED screen.

Presenting the Cannastick Compass digital vaporizer. This fresh, portable smart vape pen is the tiniest on the market, gauging just 125mm long. Evaporate your dry herbs quietly with the world’s tiniest vape pen. Appreciate a healthier lifestyle by activating substances in your herb without unsafe burning using a flame.

vaporized herb

This Compass Digital Vaporizer vape pen showcases an innovative OLED display permitting you to set your desired baking temperature anywhere from 350 -430 degrees Fahrenheit.  Are you familiar with the world of vaping? The Cannastick store is your one-stop-shop for all your vaping needs. The Compass Digital Vaporizer is quickly becoming a favorite in the vaping world. Likewise, showcasing SmartVape ™ innovation, the heating element reaches your desired temperature within 60 seconds, faster than any other vaping device worldwide.

Compass Digital Vaporizer SmartVap Pen

Compass Digital Vaporizer

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