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Complete Kombucha Starter Kit with Organic SCOBY

COMPLETE SET: This Kit has everything you need to brew and ferment your kombucha straight from your kitchen. 1 SCOBY, tea, organic sugar, cotton cheesecloth, gallon glass jar and lid, elastic band, ph test strips, temperature gauge, and instructions

AFFORDABLE STARTER KIT OPTION: Without skimping on quality, this kit will get your kombucha brew on the way at an affordable price. Gallon Brewing Jar and Plastic Lid, Tea Bags, Temperature Gauge, Organic Sugar and More РBy Kitchentoolz.

HIGH-QUALITY ORGANIC SCOBY: Made in a clean and safe environment using only the finest all-natural ingredients, we provide a high-quality culture that will make you a delicious brew.

GLASS IS BEST: Using a glass bottle like this one is better for the flavor of the beverages you are brewing, and it doesn’t contain BPA or other toxins that other plastic containers may have.

REUSABLE STORAGE JAR: Aside from brewing and fermenting kombucha tea, you can reuse the glass jar to keep grains, legumes, and other liquids in your fridge, pantry, or on your countertop.

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