Copper Chef Eggs – Cook Hard Bowl Eggs Without the Shells

Cook eggs that are perfect the shell – no peeling required. Simply crack your egg into Copper Eggs, cook, and slip watch the eggs right out without their shell.

Copper Eggs are coated with innovative Non-Stick Coating, which means nothing sticks to them – clean-up’s a breeze! Copper Eggs are perfect for hard-, medium-, or eggs that are soft-boiled. Poach eggs for easy and quick eggs Benedict; make enough deviled eggs for an event without peeling a shell; pour egg whites for a protein-packed day; add sausage, peppers, and cheese and shake for an omelet while on the move.

American cuisine

Copper Chef Eggs (X-Large)-Copper Chef Egg Cooker- No Peel Soft, Hard and Poached Eggs Without the Shell

Crafted with an innovative non-stick coating that is high-quality!
Slide out a dozen perfect eggs in a shorter time than it takes to peel just one single!
Perfect for hard, medium, or soft-boiled eggs or to create omelets that are easily the go!
Use for Oven Baking – Make Cheesecake Bites and on occasion even the Perfect-Size Crème Brûlée!
Quick cleanup – nothing sticks! Dishwasher safe!