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Cup Cozy Pillow Seen on Funderdome Works on Couch and Bed

The Amazing Cup Cozy Pillow!

The spills stop here! The Cup Cozy Pillow beats any other can holder hands down. Now you get to decide where you want your drink because you can use it anywhere.

On the couch, the floor, in bed or in the car. Take it with you to the beach, camping and to sporting events.

With insulating foam and super soft removable, washable covers, this cup holder makes your life more enjoyable and less stressful.

cup cozy pillow

Why move to get your glass when you don’t have to?  Embrace your inner laziness with the world’s BEST cup holder, The Cup Cozy Pillow  With it’s unique patented, expandable hole walls you won’t find any other cup holder that will fit such a vast number of cups, mugs, cans, or bottles. Not only is it THE ultimate cup holder, it also can be used to hold all your TV watching essentials like snacks, reading glasses, TV remotes, gaming controllers and more! 

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