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When you choose to use Doc Patels CBD products, you can rest easy knowing all of their CBD type products are hand-selected by doctors to ensure consistency, quality, and safety, in every one of their products.

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Doc Patels CBD Products

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At Doc Patels, they are passionate to help you find natural remedies towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle and alleviating everyday inevitable stresses. Their organic and high-quality Broad-Spectrum Cannabidiol products are Curated By Doctors which means they are thoroughly vetted by trained and licensed professionals so you can feel confident that what you’re using is clean and effective.

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Doc Patels Melatonin and CBD Softgels are easy-to-swallow and are the right choice for you if you are looking for a more restful night’s sleep. With an airtight hermetically coated seal, their soft gels are protected from oxidation and degradation. If you’re looking for a way to consume Cannabidiol without the strong flavor profile, soft gels are a great option…

At Doc Patels they use American-grown industrial hemp, cultivated by organic growing practices. From seed to shelf, their team makes sure that you’re getting the Cannabidiol products you expect. Every product they carry is created from non-toxic food-grade solvents for safe and high-quality CBD.

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