As Seen On TV, Does It Work?

Does it Work? Testing the ‘Scratch-dini’

No matter how well you take care of your car or truck, scratches are inevitable. KSFY’s Courtney Collen tested a popular As Seen on TV product to see if it’s really worth your money.

The Scratch-dini promises scratch removal in one easy step. According to the commercial, “Just use a little Scratch-dini and literally wipe the scratch away! It’s that simple.”

Directions say to begin with a dry, clean surface. You will need a clean, soft towel as well. The box only comes with the solution, you provide a towel. Rub the solution onto the scratch using direct and even pressure with the cloth. Let it set for up to 30 seconds, then wipe and buff the surface with a clean, soft, damp cloth.

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