As Seen On TV, Does It Work?

Does the Perfect Bacon Bowl Work

Bacon lovers across the country are curious about a new product that turns bacon into an edible bowl for serving salads, eggs, even burgers.

In putting “Perfect Bacon Bowl” to the test, I decided to see how well my own do-it-yourself method performed when it comes to bending bacon into shape.

The Perfect Bacon Bowl looks like a traditional citrus reamer with the point cut off. The As Seen On TV commercial is very compelling, perhaps because it features one of America’s favorite foods. You wrap bacon strip around the hard heat-resistant plastic bowl, and cook.

Perfect Bacon Bowl


Order the Perfect Bacon Bowl

Create incredibly delicious bacon bowls with Perfect Bacon Bowl. A whole new way to much on savory bacon, everyone’s favourite food.Just wrap your favourite cut of bacon around the Perfect Bacon Bowl. Place in the microwave or oven to cook, and once the bacon is cooked to perfection you’re ready to create a variety of stunning dishes.The Perfect Bacon Bowl is an excellent way to cook eggs, BLTs, mac and cheese, and even burgers.


Bacon Bowl

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