As Seen On TV, Does It Work?

Does the Wax Vac Really Work and other As Seen On TV Products?

The WaxVac promises to clean your ears by using a handheld-type vacuum to draw out dirt particles. It even says it can dry your ears by suctioning the water out.

So does it really work? KWWL took the product to Dr. Felix Gonzales, visiting otolaryngology specialist at the Waverly Health Center. Dr. Gonzales says his patients ask about different ways to clean their ears and the WaxVac has been brought up a few times.


wax vac

The Wax Vac is a breakthrough new product that provides a gentle and effective way to clean your ears! The Wax Vac lets you safely remove ear wax, dirt, and water from your ears … guard prevents entering too far into the ear canal causing damage.

Wax Vac

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