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Dr. Ho Cleanse Detox, Cleanse & Restore Balance

Dr. Ho Cleanse – Cleanse, Detox, and Restore Balance

The secret to excellent health starts in the colon. Keep it clean, and it will keep you healthy. Dr. Ho Cleanse™’s ingredients help you feel fuller longer, relieve constipation, promote regularity, and improve stool consistency. No fasting, no diet, no yucky stuff. Dr. Ho Cleanse™ is gentle, natural, and stimulant-free. It’s the quick, easy delicious way to help detoxify, destress, and deflate your blotted gut in as little as ten days!

Dr. Ho's Detox Cleanse

This detox cleanses & restore powder is formulated to rid your body of excess waste to regain your natural vitality.

CLEANSE & RESTORE Fiber Benefits:

  • The formula contains the low viscosity soluble dietary fiber complex FiBest™ that clinical research has indicated helps support or maintain intestinal regularity.
  • Clinical studies also show that FiBest™ helps relieve occasional constipation and select courses to improve stool consistency.

Dr. Ho Cleanse TV Offer

A powerful, unique cleanse program is the ONLY CLEANSE that contains…

  • Dr. Ho’s FiBest™ soluble fiber
  • MAGNESIUM – a naturally occurring mineral that is important for many systems in the body, especially the muscles and nerves. Magnesium works on the cellular level to attract water in the intestines and helps to lubricate and move waste through the bowels
  • Dr. Ho’s patented PROBIOTICS for optimal gut health and boosting overall health

Triple Action Cleanse Formula

HERBAL DETOX Ingredients Benefits:

  • Senna and senna leaf extract, rhubarb extract, and cascara sagrada – help to trigger contractions in the colon, called peristalsis, which will push stools through the system*
  • Aloe flex – a cathartic that accelerates bowel movements*
  • Oat, prune, apple, date, fig, tamarind – natural plant fibers that help flush waste through the colon*

special offer Dr. Ho's Cleanse

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