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Drinking Vinegars by McClary Bros. Vinegar Drinks Seen on Shark Tank

Handcrafted Mc Clary Bros.Drinking Vinegars, traditionally known as Shrubs, using locally-sourced produce. Quality mixers for sodas and cocktails. Handcrafted the finest Drinking Vinegars around. Whether you’re looking for a delicious cocktail or a refreshing soda, their vinegars are the mixer your drink’s been missing.

McClary Bros. is based in the metro Detroit area and we they handcraft delicious small batch Drinking Vinegars.

Drinking Vinegars, more commonly referred to as “Shrubs”, are a Colonial-era drink mixer. They combine organic, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar with fresh, seasonal ingredients and organic cane sugar. The result is a refreshing, exciting mixer that they know you’ll enjoy as a cocktail or shrub soda.

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