Dust Daddy Vacuum Attachment Vacs Up Dust & Dirt

Dust Daddy As Seen On TV Vacuum Attachment

The One Of A Kind Vacuum Attachment, Designed To Get Dust Out Of Every Nook And Cranny! The micro-hose bristles help clean in all hard-to-reach places, while the strokes are soft like a brush – perfect for around fragile objects. Dust Daddy doesn’t vacuum up small parts and has a non-stick coating that prevents clogging and is also anti-static.

dust daddy

Dust Daddy is a universal vacuum attachment that delicately vacuums the tiniest spaces while leaving small, loose items in their place.

  • Dozens of flexible, tiny suction tubes that can go nearly anywhere dust hides
  • Dust around tiny objects without removing them first
  • Perfect for cleaning around fragile objects!
  • Get rid of all the dust you couldn’t reach before
  • Works with all vacuums

Dust Daddy uses dozens of individual, tiny suction tubes. These tiny tubes are flexible and unlike other cleaning tools. They can go nearly anywhere dust hides!

Dust Daddy also comes with a flexible universal adapter system. It is guaranteed to work with any vacuum!

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