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Coinrule Crypto Trading

Create Automated Trading Rules, 24/7

You can set custom automated trades and never miss a rally or get caught in a dip. Coinrule obsessively seeks out effective market indicators to enable smart allocation of funds while putting you in control of your trading machine.

Easy Crypto Trading at Coinrule

Securely Trade Across Exchanges

Coinrule is a beginner-friendly and safe platform to send automated trading instructions to your favorite exchanges, including Binance, Coinbase Pro, Kraken, etc. They don’t ask for private keys or withdrawal rights.

Start Creating Rules Today

Receive free trading signals, create automated rules and manage your portfolio for free.

The first step in creating your Coinrule trading bot is to decide when the algorithm has to execute an action. You need to define a condition or a trigger, then. You can choose between different options:

Simply asking Coinrule to send recurring orders on the market at a specific interval of time. The order will hit the market according to your selected time interval.

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