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Eco Nuts Organic Laundry Detergent Soap

Using Soap Nuts Properly For Best Laundry Results Regardless Of Washing Machine Type

Soap nuts are known to naturally contain soap. When they are dried, the shells crinkle up and then they look like nuts. This is more than likely why they have come to be known as Soap Nuts, Ritha Nuts and  Wash Nuts. Sometimes they have also been called washing nuts, soap nutshells, wash shells, soapberry nut husks, and Ritha nutshell.

Eco Nuts

Soap nuts can be the answer to eco-friendly and 100% natural product to replace the commercially manufactured detergents which may contain toxic chemicals that can be harmful to the consumers and our environment.

Did you ever imagine you could do your laundry with nuts?

Eco Nuts are actually berries that grow on a tree that can be found in the Himalayas and they naturally contain soap. The soap nuts are both sterilized and de-seeded without chemicals protecting the consumer! If you are tired carrying big heavy bottles of detergent around while doing your laundry, you are sure to be presently surprised by Eco Nuts.

Soap nuts can be used for more than just laundry. You can use as a body wash, shampoo or use as a multi-purpose house cleaner.

Soap nuts are reusable and easy to use. Just add 6 to 8 soap nuts in a cotton wash bag, tie the bag, including in the laundry and wash clothes as you normally would. Those same nuts can be used up to 4 more times or even more. They are also 100% biodegradable.

Soap nuts are considered as a natural cleaning agent without chemical additives, without toxins, and without artificial perfumes. Soap nuts are the ultimate natural soap and laundry detergent and have been seen on many TV stations as well as on Shark Tank!

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