Exclusives And Launchpad New Product Trends By Amazon:

Exclusives And Launchpad New Product Trends By Amazon:

I am always looking for the next big trends. I write about two product trends A good entrepreneur knows that staying on top of current trends can provide a real competitive advantage. Whether it’s a tech-trend, a marketing-trend, or a PR-trend, early adopters—especially start-ups—can reap huge benefits from identifying and exploiting trends.

In a past Forbes article titled Staying On Top Of Trends: How I Used LinkedIn And Groupon Early Enough To Reap The Benefits, I described how my early adoption of Groupon GRPN +0.00% and Linkedin LNKD +0.53% immensely helped the early growth of my startup, The Fresh Diet . As someone who strongly believes that identifying and utilizing trends is a core competence for any entrepreneur, I want to introduce my reader, linkedins to two of the latest trends on selling your products online. Both by Amazon.com AMZN +0.31%.

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