Extreme Weight Loss Hypnosis Bundle: Stop Emotional Eating, Perfect Portion Control, Easily Eat Healthy and Stop Sugar Cravings with Self Hypnosis

If you are ready to lose stubborn weight for good, you need your belief system and subconscious habits to be on board with your conscious desires. This hypnosis bundle is designed to rewire your subconscious processes to be aligned with healthy eating, consistent exercising, and a healthy mindset about food.

The audiobook contains the following chapters:

  • Stop Emotional Eating: Day Hypnosis
  • Stop Emotional Eating: Subliminal Hypnosis with Pink Noise
  • Portion Control: Day Hypnosis
  • Portion Control: Subliminal Hypnosis with Pink Noise
  • Healthy Eating: Day Hypnosis
  • Healthy Eating: Subliminal Hypnosis with Pink Noise
  • Stop Sugar Cravings: Day Hypnosis
  • Stop Sugar Cravings: Subliminal Hypnosis with Pink Noise

Each day hypnosis is around 10 minutes long and should be listened to when you are able to relax and close your eyes. The subliminal hypnosis sessions can be listened to while taking a nap or relaxing. Use this collection to reprogram your mind to love healthy food, stay away from junk food, easily practice portion control, and finally get the healthy, slim body you want.

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