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FiberFix | Fix Anything with Fiber Fix Repair Wrap Seen on Shark Tank

FiberFix is a single use repair wrap that works so quickly because any moisture – even the vapor in the air immediately sets to work on forming that amazing FiberFix strength. For this reason, it cannot be partially used and stored for later.

Lori Greiner has invested in FiberFix and has helped to get it on the shelves in Lowes.

One of the best features of FiberFix is that no special tools are required to use it! Just add water! The box does include some helpful additions, though. First is a pair of nitrile gloves that they strongly recommend for use when handling the wrap.

Special Offer Fiberfix

The sandpaper is used to give FiberFix a better grip on rough and glossy surfaces (they especially recommend it for PVC pipe), and finally, the vinyl strip is a temporary option you can apply on top of the wrap for a few minutes to seal it especially well while it’s curing.

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