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Final Collapsible Straw Keychain Stainless Steel Folding Drinking Straws

Healthy Drinking – The straw is made of BPA-free material. The inner silicone straw is made of feeding bottle straw and the external straw is 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, which meets food grade and medical grade to ensure the safety of each drinking.

Reusable Straw – It has a strong rust-proof material and does not break like glass. Its silicone and stainless steel materials are resistant to low temperatures and high temperatures and are not deformed. They can be used again and again, which is a great replacement for plastic straws.

Portable Design – A tiny sturdy case comes with the package and has a stainless steel keychain with push-on for easy use and can easily fold the straw into 4 pieces and put it into the case. When the straw is unfolded, it’s very strong. The 9-inch length can perfect for a glass or many other short cocktail glasses, which is great for your family bar. Suitable for 20 OZ and 30 OZ.

Lightweight And Portable – You can attach the case to your bag or belt because it is like a key chain. You can carry it with you because you no longer need to save space. Suitable for your home kitchen, office, travel.

Easy To Clean – Whether it is plastic or steel if you forget to wash for a long time, bacteria will be produced. Use the cleaning brush in the package to clean and clean your straws immediately. Brush it in, a few seconds, to finish. If you want to thoroughly clean the product, you can also disassemble it and reassembled it after clean it. Portable Travel Household Reusable Straws Medical-Grade Food-Grade Drinking Have Keychain (Green Straw Green Box)

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