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Forever Fit Weight Loss Guide: Discover The New Healthy You

Nutritionist and Weight Loss Expert, Christina Jordan (Owner of Fit Body Weight Loss), shares her wisdom for losing an amazing 131 pounds and overcoming several serious illnesses including type 2 diabetes, as well as several other health issues – high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, thyroid issues, the onset of knee problems and hormone disorders. This guide is not a diet. This is not a short-term program that’s to be done for only 30 days and then stopped. This is truly a lifestyle that can be maintained for the rest of your life. This can also be enjoyed by all ages and even those with health conditions. I personally have worked one-on-one with many clients who have severe health issues including gastritis, severe food allergies, intestinal tract disorders, and even cancer. I also have worked with clients of all ages and as young as seven years old. I believe in this program, so much so that my own family follows it daily. This is all about getting you to a healthy place in life, not getting you skinny! I focus on creating a total, holistic healthy approach to weight loss and from that your healthy weight will follow. Plus, you’re going to look and feel your very best! With this guide I will teach you how to eat again. You are no longer going to be a slave to calorie counting, macro counting or having to purchase chemically created foods in packages and boxes. You are not going to be dieting, you’re not going to be starving and you are definitely not going to be hungry. This is a healthy lifestyle program that will transform your body and change your life!

Forever Fit Weight Loss Guide Includes:
30 Day Weekly Meal Plan
30 Day Workout Plan
Healthy Foods List
Learn How to Eat Like a Nutritionist
Grocery List
Best Foods for FAST Fat Loss
Christina’s Do’s & Don’ts for Weight Loss Success
Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks

BONUS! Get a sneak peek at Christina’s NEW Healthy Smoothie Recipe Book!

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