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Fruit Infused Water: The Ultimate Fruit Infused Water Book

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Looking For Delicious & Healthy Fruit Infused Water Recipes For Rapid Weight Loss ? Then Download This High Quality Book Now For Free On Kindle For a Limited Time Only !

This book contains a proven step that will help you to improve your health with effective weight loss, a complete detoxification cycle, a liver cleanse and gleaming skin by making an extremely small change in your lifestyle.

You can achieve all of the above (and much more!) by replacing your daily consumption of water with some nutritious, healthy and tasty vitamin enriched fruit infused water. 48 Vitamin Bottle Recipes For Weight Loss, Detox, Liver Cleanse, & Skin (Fruit Infused Water, Juicing Recipes, Rapid Weight Loss)

This book contains the various benefits of consuming fruit infused water, a general guide on how to prepare fruit infused water, the health benefits of the commonly used ingredients and a bunch of recipes that will help you kick start your journey towards a healthier tomorrow!

This Book Teaches you…..

  • The Health Benefits of Each Consuming Fruit Infused Water
  • How To Prepare Fruit Infused Water The Correct Way
  • Common Ingredients & Their Benefits
  • How To Prepare Specialised Recipes For Weight Loss
  • How To Prepare Specialised Recipes For Detox
  • How To Prepare Specialised Recipes For Liver Cleanse
  • How To Prepare Specialised Recipes For Glowing Skin

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